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  • Reduce Your Debts
  • Potentially Save Thousands
  • We Deal Directly With Debt Collectors
  • Reduce Your Stress

Debt negotiation can often be a tricky and complex process. That’s where Clean Credit Debt Resolutions can help.  Because of our experience and expertise in the debt negotiation area, we are able to take the pressure off you or your business and deal with your creditors on your behalf and in some cases we can reduce your liabilities by as much as 80%

Our clients are typically split into two categories:

Individual Debt Negotiation

Unpaid debts often lead to a great deal of stress for people, dealing with harassing calls, demand letters or the threat of legal action can get too much for anyone.  In these cases we we’ll deal with your creditors on your behalf, stop the calls and letters and negotiate the lowest possible payout figure for you.

Refinance Shortfall

It is common for people to want to refinance their debts to lower their overheads. Unfortunately, it’s also common to find that the loan amount they have been approved is not sufficient to retire all their creditors.  In these situations we will negotiate with your unsecured creditors to lower their payout figures so that all the debts can be paid from the loan proceeds.

What’s The Catch?

We can only deal with available funds. Once we negotiate an agreed payout figure on your behalf, the funds either need to be available or will be available via a loan approval.

Our main objective is to reduce your debts so they can be settled while not affecting your credit history.

With Clean Credit Debt Resolution, regardless of the number of debts you may have, we are able to deal directly with your creditors and in most cases negotiate reduced payout figures so you can clear the debts and move forward with your life again.

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