There is a growing amount of young people that are so burdened with debt that they would do just about anything to get out from under it. Being debt free is so important that surveys have said that a large portion of young people would go as far as risking their health to be debt free. A recent internet survey gives a chilling insight into the mind of people with debt.

University debt can be a hassle to get rid of and credit card debt can be a nightmare. A long term plan to get rid of debt is available and there are loans that can consolidate debt down to low interest rates and easy payments. Even with all of the debt repayment options out there, there are still people who would be willing to go to extreme lengths to get a clean slate.

Debt Free Life or Die Trying

Over half of all respondents said that they would be willing to be followed around by cameras all day and have their life filmed for a reality show. So more than half of those questioned said that they would agree to have all of their most private moments filmed for T.V. so that they could pay off all debts, have a fresh debt free life.

Many would agree to put their health on the line. Thirty percent would agree to selling an organ and even more would go along with a “questionable medical study” to be debt free. Even personal health was not safe. Debt can be a real headache but some would be willing to go to unknown lengths just to stop that headache. Now this does not necessarily mean that you will see graduates start to sell their organs just to get rid of that Uni debt but it does show how they are thinking.

What this survey did show is that people are willing to go pretty far to be debt free. There are ways of dealing with repayments of debt but some would be willing to go to the extreme to get rid of it now. Paying off debt is a long term goal and should be handled appropriately. Debt should be factored in when making major life steps such as getting married or purchasing a house. Getting rid of your debt today can be tempting but proper planning and good budgeting will get you there in a more healthy way. Don’t go selling your body to science just yet.

So what would you do to be debt free? Would you go to extremes or stick to what you know? Whichever path you choose, make sure it’s a healthier option: financially, physically and mentally.