If you want to spend less then you need to break your shopping habits. Shopping malls often target shopaholics who never get tired of checking out sales. Purchasing items that you don’t really need gets you into trouble. It is nice to shop for clothes but after scratching your plastics, reality bites and you realise you still have to pay for it. If you really want to spend less, you might want to use your new shirt several times before you head to the mall again and buy a new one. It isn’t a crime to repeat outfits; this rule applies if you are not a celebrity. Ask yourself, how often do you go to the mall, how often do you shop, how much do you spend over a signature item? There is nothing wrong in spending but you need to control or limit your spending habits especially if you are experiencing financial stress. Here’s what you can do:

Guide to Spend Less

  1. Unsubscribe – Do you receive emails from online shops or text messages about sales? It’s time to unsubscribe and start removing it from your inbox. This marketing strategy is an effective tool applied by advertisers to promote their business.
  2. Mall vs. Online Shops – Do you prefer to shop online or you hit the mall thrice a week? It is easier to shop online, hassle free and all you need to do is use that cart and click every item that you like. The thing is most shoppers get carried away and they keep on adding items that they don’t really need and just wait for it to arrive at their doorstep. If you want to spend less, bring cash and hit the mall. The difference is you can walk, get tired of walking and get tired of carrying boxes and paper bags. You won’t experience this when you shop online. When your bags get heavy, then it’s time to go home.
  3. Plan your purchases – Spending less requires a lot of determination. You have to avoid temptations. Make a list of what you need whenever you want to shop, and when in doubt don’t buy it. Buy what’s on the list, stick to it and avoid unnecessary purchases. Bear in mind that you go for sale items because you want to save and pay lower than the regular price not to hoard or buy items that you don’t need.
  4. Find a new activity – Search for a new activity. Keep yourself busy while playing tennis, go for a swim, cook or any activity that is far from the mall.

Spend less and save more. Do not invest on items that will just fill your closet. Shop wisely and spend less by paying in cash. Leave your credit card at home and make use of what you have on hand. Start having goals or save up and invest in the future.