Saving money and budgeting can be quite stressful for anyone working full time, part time or casual jobs. It can get more stressful if you’re also surrounded by family and loved ones who want love and attention from you. It’s extremely difficult especially if you’re a working mother; working all day and all night to pay the bills and debts, hardly have any times for intimacy with your partner or any bonding times with your children.

Is saving money and working too hard a good thing?

These are important for anyone but at the same time overdoing it can be detrimental. You’re trying to live on a budget but you have so many expenses that you’re keener to work more jobs than reduce spending habits. So you take on additional jobs, earn more money to save more money but at the same time, your expenses keep eating away at your account. Living expenses alone are too expensive these days, buying a home is most likely out of the question.

Saving money will always be hard when you’re faced with these situations but it doesn’t mean your love life and family life should suffer.

If you have a family but you’re always working day in and day out, try to make some time on the weekend for family bonding time. You may be working weekdays and maybe even weekends but it’s best to have one day off from work, even if you’re struggling to pay your debts. It’s better for your mental state to have a break once in a while. Take just one day each week to get your mind off work and stress, and instead enjoy your day off with your family. You need to make your loved ones feel loved. Spending a day with your family at home or at the park won’t cost you any extra expenses so it can also help in saving money.

If you’re a single person, it could get difficult to start a relationship and make it work if you’re always working and always thinking about work. The other person won’t be happy in a relationship with you and it won’t last. You need to take a break from working too hard and focussing on saving money, so that you can enjoy the little things in life that can make you happy. All work and no play is never the answer. And if you’re too tired, angry and frustrated with work, how can you enjoy anything else? So take some time off once in a while to enjoy yourself: build relationships, relax, have fun without worrying about saving money and paying the bills.

After all, the whole reason why you’re working so hard and saving money is to enjoy the finer things in life. Why not take a break once in a while to enjoy the little things in life? The little things in life always count.