We’ve all been there. We go to an event or a new place surrounded by lots of people, we meet them, introductions ensue and once we leave the room or move to another section of the room, we immediately forget the names of the people we just met. It happens all the time, especially when you’re meeting so many people at the same time. Of course we can ask their names again but what if you already hit it off with them but forgot their name? It’s awkward to ask them again, it may even seem rude. You don’t mean to forget but it just happens. It can’t be helped.

So here are a few ways to ask for their name without being rude or getting in awkward situations:

Life Hacks – Asking for Names

Ask for email address – A lot of people have their name in their email address so it’s good for your networking purposes too to have their email address. If there’s a reference to their personal details in the username, it could also be a good conversation starter for later.

Ask again at the end of conversation – If there was another person or a friend while you were talking to this person, you can ask your friend later. Or you can just ask them at the end of the conversation with “Can I get your name again?”

Ask how to spell it or ask for nickname – May not work for most names but some names can be spelled differently. And if they give you a weird look, just give them an example of the Kardashians where their names are all spelled with K when it wasn’t necessary.

Business card – This is good for your networking as well because it encourages more connectivity. It makes them think you will be contacting them in the future as well. You’ll find out their name without having to ask again.

Remind them of your name again – At the end of the conversation, you can tell them it was nice to meet them and say something like, “Nice meeting you. My name’s so and so. What was yours again?”

Meaning of their name/origins – This could be a fun side note. Some names, especially foreign names, have different origins and come from different heritage. They could have a lot of historical backgrounds as well. This can help you to relate to them more or just to know more about them.

If all else fails, just be honest – They’ll appreciate it. Honesty can really be the best policy anyway. Just say it in a way that won’t offend them. Be nice and polite about it. They’ll be more than happy to tell you again. And just don’t forget it another time. Asking for it the third time is pushing it. That’s when you put up a white flag and never talk to them again.

Anyway, these are the simple and excusable life hacks on what to do when you forget someone’s name right after you meet them for the first time.