You’ve probably read a lot about energy saving tricks, but which among the long list is really effective? It is a must to be aware not only with the basic energy saving tips but also being familiar with what works well is necessary. Not only does it lessen your monthly bills at your home, you are also protecting mother earth at the same time.

Energy Saving Hacks

Energy saving should start at home. Conserving energy is one way to cut your electric bill. Not only are you saving cash but you are also doing mother earth a favor. We’ll provide you a list of effective energy saving tips that really work:

  1. Proper use of gadgets – Unplug your chargers when not in use, and close apps when not in use. Smart phones consume too much energy. Prolong your battery life by deleting apps and games that you don’t need. Switch to airplane mode for a speedy battery recharge.
  2. Use of air con and heaters – Move your furniture 30 centimeters away from the air conditioning system and heater. Do not block the air ways. Shuffle things and remove curtains that fall or block the air passage.
  3. Lighting – Use LED bulbs; these bulbs are more energy efficient compared to traditional lighting systems. Choose a lower wattage bulb and replace your old ones. These energy saving bulbs are a bit pricey but it is good to invest on these types of bulbs to avoid high electric bills in the long run.
  4. Oven – Compared from an oven, use of slow cookers and microwaves are much better. An oven consumes higher energy than these two kitchen appliances.
  5. Use of Stove – Here are smart ways to use your stove:
  6. Match the size of pot and burner – using bigger pots consume more energy
  7. Add a pinch of salt when you boil – speeds up the boiling process
  8. Cook with the pot lid
  9. Freezer – Do not buy a large fridge if not needed. It is nice to buy a huge fridge so you’ll have bigger storage. But if you often dine out and you seldom cook, it is not advised to buy a large fridge. Quit the habit of freezing left over’s. Place ice trays, bottled waters and ice packs to keep the space packed. A freezer works efficiently when you have more in your fridge.

These energy saving tips will not only save you cash, you will also be maximizing the use of your appliances without paying extra for electricity bills.