Company culture is what the whole group of people working in one company have as the same values and attitudes that truly define their business. When one hears the words “company culture” most people think about ping pong tables at work where people just lounge around to build better connection with each other. But the truth is, you don’t need a ping pong table or tennis courts or recreational games and sports in your office or company space to build a strong company culture. As long as you have some key traits to acquire and retain your employees as well as promote productivity and help with the quality of work, you will already have a good strong company culture.

Building A Strong Company Culture

Here are a few things to tick off in order to build better company culture for your business:

Share the success: One of the best things to do is acknowledge your employee’s work. Let them know they’ve done a great job if they have. Give credit where credit’s due. And make sure you’re not the only person congratulating the good worker; encourage other employees to celebrate their success. It will build a stronger team environment and it will also lead to higher employee satisfaction.

Transparency is key: Be open and honest about the company with your employees. If they all believe in making the company great, if they all feel passionate about it, you need to talk to them openly about where you want to take your company and how you want to improve it to move forward. They will feel more included and even give you great advice on certain things that you may not even be aware of. Communication is key as well as transparency. By doing so, there will be less rumours and miscommunication. There will be more trust between employees and the employers. Hence it will all build up to a better company culture.

Lots and lots of feedback: Feedback from your employees can always help a company grow. They can tell you what they like and what they don’t like about their work environment, their work flow, even their personal life. They can all be taken into account and plans can be made to implement them in order to create a better company culture. Some people will have amazing ideas but they are just too shy to speak up. So make sure you’re encouraging them to talk about it. Make sure they know that no idea is stupid. From one idea and one concept, many more can grow and many improvements can be done to it to create the most amazing idea.

Social activities: Sometimes having a ping pong table in the office is beneficial; it helps people connect with each other. But the other good thing to do is have social events outside the office. Social activities like going to a footy game or having a bowling night once in a while will be great to build teamwork and have closer connections with each other. When people get along with each other more, inside or outside of work, it’s just creates better productivity and cohesion for the long run. So plan a few activities once a month or once every two months. It will be beneficial for your business.

Lead by example: What you say and what you do as a business owner, a manager or a CEO, it matters. Especially when your employees look up to you as a leader. So whatever you say, make sure you lead by example and stick to what you say. Be consistent with what you say, practise what you preach and act in a way that influences your employees to be better and to do better.

These are the simple tricks to building a strong company culture. So stick to them and your business will have the resources to grow and improve employee satisfaction. Happy employees will produce more productivity and faster company growth.