About Clean Credit Debt Resolutions

Our aim is to save you money!

Clean Credit Debt Resolutions are leaders in debt mediation and have assisted many Australians in discovering how to lower and retire their debts. Our team of experienced debt negotiators are specialists in dealing with credit providers and we know how to deliver a positive outcome.

Our goal is to negotiate your debts and reduce the payout figures while alleviating you of the pressures of dealing with your creditors. No more harassing phone calls or demand letters, we’ll take care of that.

Due to our extensive experience and close relationships with a large number of credit providers, we are often able to significantly reduce our client’s debts, in some cases by more than 80%. But don’t just take our word for it, our results speak for themselves

The types of debt we negotiate include:

This is the most common form of unsecured debt for individuals and businesses.
Where people have arrears or missed payments on their telephone, energy or gas bills.
Where credit providers have involved 3rd party services to contact and collect debts from individuals or companies.
Usually unsecured a personal loan is typically lent on an applicant’s income and ability to service the debt.
Typically private school fees associated to student services.
Similar to a personal loan, however more than 51% of the facility was used for a business or investment purpose.
Clean Credit Debt Resolutions Save Money

No Debt Reduction, No Fee!

We believe that our success should be yours and that is why our fees are only payable if we save you money – No reduction, No fee! It’s that simple.